Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Tonight was the big Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race.  Ethan had a car in the race.  All the boys were very excited.  Ethan asked several time when the race would begin.  Thanks to Grandpa Harper with helping get the car cut.  Ethan painted his car blue with a red and yellow lightning down the front.
There are nine cub scouts so a lot of races.  The boys ran the best 2 out of 3 runs to win there race. Ethan won his first race.  At the end of the night Ethan came in 4th.  Good job Ethan.  It was a good night.

Dancing Princesses

Well the Girls have started dance class.  Their class covers tap, jazz, and of course.ballet. Haily's first class was not successful.  She had a hard time following instructions.  She has settled down.  Sydney absolutely loves the class. Last week when Tracy was sick Uncle Ryan was able to take the girls. Unfortanently the classes are not open for parents to see.  So it may be awile before we get any videos.  -eric