Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cowpens Battlefield

Eric is now working with the cub scouts.  One of their requirements is to attend something with history.  It just so happens that this was the 230th Anniversary Celebration of the Battle of Cowpens.  We braved the roads and drove to the battlefield.  We watched a few minutes of the wreath laying ceremony then went on o watch the blacksmith, he was full of great information.  We paused to watch several fires cooking food.  The most fascinating was what we thought was the meat of a squirrel.  I will gladly stick to my chicken.  Ethan liked the guns but loved the swords.  Did you know that Calvary swords were often not sharp, because they could easily break bones without being sharp.  Pistol's were not very accurate.  We watched horses perform a few maneuvers.  Sydney cried after hearing the cannon shot.  It was loud and she was paying more attention to the snow.  The kids would probably appreciate it more in five years. -Tracy

A Week of Snow

This past week we had snow and really cold weather. The snow came early Monday morning. It snowed through out the day.  Then the ice came.  I went into work on Monday. There was only me and one other therapist there. We got the basics done. I left early before the ice came. While I was working the kids did go out to play.  The snow was very powdery and not good for snowman making.  Haily was sick and did not last long playing.  The ice came Monday afternoon and coated the snow so the kids were unable to play in the snow. We ended up between somewhere 6-8 inchs. The temperature stayed low and it is just starting to really melt today. As a result the roads have not been the best.  The kids did not go to school all week.  I did not go to work on Tuesday bacause of the road and then I go Haily's flu and missed work the rest of the week. Thurday night Ethan and Tracy also was sick.  All in all it was not a fun week for us.- Eric 

Staying in Side on a Snowy week.

Despite the snow (we got somewhere between 6 and 8 inch), ice, and the sickness this past week.  The kids did a lot of playing inside.  Ethan won this game of life.  There were lot of domino games played (one that the kids teddy bears played with them).  Lot of reading, coloring, and puzzling this week.  The Ethan and Sydney also played a lot of Wii as well.  I guess they did have some fun. -Eric

Saturday, January 1, 2011

For Christmas the family got a Wii.  Tracy and Ethan had wanted one for Christmas for a while.  I am not a huge video game person so I had to be talked into it.  Of course the kids want to play it all the time.  They are getting good.  Ethan and Sydney love playing bowling and tennis.  They are quite good.  I am unfortunately very bad at it.  (The bowling ball always curves to the left on me.) But the kids are very cute playing.  The only thing is it is just a matter of time before they hit themselves or something the way the whirl the controler around.  The other favorite game is Super Mario.  Again the kids can already beat me at this game.  Oh well to be young again. -Eric