Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well another holiday has come and gone.  Hopefully it was good one for you.  We a had a great day. It did, however, start off with Sydney needing a little hair cut.  Evidently she decided to sleep with silly putty in her bed.  Of course it got all tangled in her hair.  It was a mess.  The whole time Tracy was trying to get it out the other kids were wanting to start looking for what the Easter bunny left them in the living room.  Once we got the putty out the kids found a lot of eggs.  They got breakfast and dressed up in their Easter dresses (well Ethan didn't). We went to church.  It was fast Sunday for us lot of testimonies were shared.  After church we had a fabulous dinner at Mom's and Dad's.  The ham was great and so was the company. Came home and got the kids ready for bed.  It was the end of a great Easter Weekend.  

A Saturday Easter Party

Hello every one. Even though it is late we want to wish everyone a happy Easter. We had a very busy Easter weekend.  It started on Saturday.  We were invited to a Easter party at the Jones's home.  The Jones's are friends from the ward.  There were a lot of people there that we were able to visit. It was a great afternoon and the weather was about perfect.  Lot of great food and fun for the kids.  It started with an Easter egg hunt.  I think Sydney found the most.

 There was several games like sack races, egg and spoon race, and the egg toss.

 The kids also enjoyed the zip line swing. As you can see it started up in the tree house and the line ran the length of the yard.  At first it was a little intimidating to the kids but once they went down they were all hooked. We had so much fun.  The kids did not want to leave.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlanta Temple Open House

We had a quick family trip to the Atlanta Temple open house.  The kids did well over all.  It started out to be a rainy drive but the closer we got to Atlanta the bluer the sky got.  The wind was really blowing however. So please excuse the pictures you are about to see. Ethan said his favorite part was the baptismal font.  He liked the oxen.  He did want to know why a table was blocking the entrance to the font.  Haily also liked the font. She tried to climb the glass around the font to see the oxen.  Haily loved the "pretty flowers" throughout.  At the end we ended up having to yell at her to not pick them!  Sydney liked the pictures and the chandeliers.  She was really quiet throughout the tour.  Just taking it all in.  The girls had many many comments on their pretty dresses.  We also found out that the kids are not destined for TV work.  At the end we were approached about the kids participating in a You tube video.  Sydney went first and she was really aware of the little mic on her dress.  So much so that she would not answer the question.  Haily answered off camera but would not attempt to talk on camera.  Ethan mumbled his response but would not really look into the camera.  I do not think they will make it on the video.  If a miracle occurs and  they do we will let you know but don't hold your breath. It was a great family day.