Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School

School has stated for Ethan and Sydney again on the August 15th.   Ethan is now a thrid grader and Sydney is a first grader.  Sydney was really nervous about being a first grader.  She kept asking "what if I don't do good?"  I am happy to report she seems to be doing great! Both of them seems to be doing well.  Haily is now really bored at home.  Tracy tires to get her out of house. The other day when she said family prayer she asked "please bless me and mommy to go shoping today."  She unfortuantly for me she likes to shop.

Fun at the water Park!

The day after finding out that we are going to have a little baby boy and the "last" Friday of summer break we took the kids to a water park.  I had three free passes from work so we drove past the water park by mom and dad to go to Greenville. The kids had a blast.  There were three huge slides and one small one.  I got to hand it to Sydney, she went down the one that was a strait drop.  Then Ethan and Sydney went down the slide that use inter tubes. There was a sprinkler section to the park as well as a nice sized pool.  Aside for a little sunburn it was a great day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As you can see we are having a baby boy join our family.  We all went as a family to Tracy's ultra sound to find out.  The kids especially Ethan are excited.  They are now pushing to find a name for out baby but so far we have not found one yet.  It looked like he is already a thumb sucker.  We was quit active during the ultra sound that the technician had a hard time getting all the measurements. But he looks like he will be a tall boy.

Summer Fun!

 It has been a busy summer for us. The kids have enjoyed every minute.  Tracy has tried to keep them busy.  Despite the Heat and man has it been hot here in South Carolina!  Most Mondays the kids have been going to the park. 

They have been trying to stay cool. One the 4th The tried out a slip in slide at grandma Fuller's home.  The had fun got real wet and grassy.
This summer one of the kids favorite store moved locations.  Of course the day of the grand opening of Toys R Us the kids had to go.  They posed for pictures, looked at toys, got their face painted, and ate some pizza.  Not a bad day.

 Ethan went to cub scout day camp.  He had a great time working and having fun. He also had a chance to make a boat and participate in the rain gutter regata.  He had a great time.