Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Halloween is scary!

We had a fun time this Halloween.  The kids got way to much candy. We had a fun time at the Trunck-er-Treat at church.  We had some really good chili, played some games, and of course trick-er-treated in the parking lot.  Everyone had a great time except Tracy.  She wanted to come despite having pain from a kidney stone (she spent some time in the hospital) in addition to being pregnant but she wanted to be there for the kids.

On Halloween we took the kids Trick-er-Treating in Uncle Ryan's and Grandma Harper's neighborhood.  They had a blast running and ringing doorbells to get candy.  We kept trying to get them to slow down and not run through people's yards.  This was hard for Haily to do she was so excited.  However about the fourth house we went to they finally got the message.  The girls were running to the door.  Tracy and I were yelling at them slow down and wait when two "Marmaduke" type dogs came running out to say hi to the girls.  Sydney and Haily started to scream because the dogs were and big as they were and wanted to sniff them.  Ethan did run with his "light saber" to try and protect his sister.  I had to carry Haily to two houses after this before she was brave enough to walk herself.  By the end of the night she was back to running from door to door.  : ) 

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